The Global Health Cost Effectiveness Analysis (GHCEA) Registry is the first comprehensive database to compile articles utilizing the “cost-per-DALY averted” metric to measure the efficacy of health interventions. The Center for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health (CEVR) created this systematic summary of articles, organized by article, ratios, and disability weights. The registry is accessible through three different tables: 

Article (methodology of study)

  • Each article (identified by a unique PubMed ID number) is listed once
  • Bibliographic information, including study name, authors, country of origin, time horizon, perspective etc.
  • Clicking on a study in ‘article’ view brings up a detailed chart containing additional information


        Each ratio within a given article is addressed individually; thus, a single article may have multiple ratio listings

        Ratios state:

  • Intervention vs. comparator
  • Target population and disease
  • Age of target population
  • Disaggregate cost and DALYs averted
  • Cost-per-DALY averted in current $US

Weights (Disability Weight Information)

  • Each health state within an article will be listed; there may be multiple weights presented per study
  • The health state is described, and a disability weight is assigned to each state
  • Where applicable, a weight range is presented


The published articles summarized in the Registry undergo a formalized review protocol: